July 29, 2007

Make him quit texting you

I received a text message last night around 10 p.m.

“What’s up?”

It was from the guy I met for pizza Thursday night. I guess you could call it a date if you wanted. I met him online.

This was the first I’d heard from him since our initial meeting, and of course I wasn’t surprised that he’d resorted to typing rather than talking.

I answered his message. He replied. It went on and on.

Had he simply called to chat, it might have counted for something, but he chose to keep it meaningless. Text messaging makes things impersonal.

It seems more and more men are using their thumbs to avoid really talking to a girl for the first time after a meeting. But text messaging is a cop-out, and we shouldn’t let them do it to us, ladies.
Aren’t you important enough to talk to?
Don’t you deserve someone who has the balls to shrug the jitters and just call you?

Blane Bachelor, a writer for the Sunday Paper thought she did.

She couldn’t understand why, after spending hours at a party talking and laughing with a new guy, he chose to text her a few days later. They’d had a great time, chatting easily, hadn’t they?

When one of her gal pals stopped replying to a guy who chose the text method, she wondered if he would eventually just call her. He didn’t.
“Refusing sex is one way we women tend to withhold power,” Bachelor writes, “but apparently refusing text isn’t quite so effective."

Savvy Miss, an online magazine for women, also tackles the texting question, offering tips to get him to call you.

A couple of my faves:

-Make texting irritating so that he has to call.
“Answer every text with a question until he realizes that if he had called, he’d already be done with the conversation.”

-He texts, you call.
If he texts, you know he must be by the phone. If you call and he doesn’t answer, just forget him. You deserve someone who’ll give you the time of day.

-Don’t respond.
One source, Rachel, 24, said texting “is a sign that he isn’t interested enough to call, invest time or energy in me. So, I don’t respond to the text messages.”

And if he doesn’t call when you don’t respond – delete his number!
He’s not worth your time.

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